1 Bedroom Apartment



This brand new property is a stunning one with its’ beautifully thought out apartment finishing’s. The lobby is clean and welcoming to anyone and everyone. This property is divided into two different apartments: one has 2 bedrooms and the other is a 1 bedroom apartment. It is fully furnished and the kitchen is equipped to meet everyone’s’ basic needs. Furthermore, the property provides apartment cleaning services 3 times a week and they change the sheets every once a week. The facilities include a gym, 24/7 security, basement parking, internet, CCTV cameras and a swimming pool. Every apartment is elegantly furnished which gives everyone a very homey feel. All the apartments have large windows that face the sea and bring in so much brightness and light to every room. This property is in close proximity to the Gulf Road and 30 Ring Road. Everyone can drive by the Gulf Road and discover the beautiful sceneries, restaurants and shopping centers.

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